Bruce St. John Blake & Company has undertaken numerous personal injury cases on behalf of Connect Trade Union members and their families. The scheme is available to not only Connect Trade Union members but also family members who are a member’s spouse, partner, son or daughter. These generally have involved cases in respect to compensation for injuries sustained as a result of injuries at work.

Bruce St John Blake & Company Solicitors, in association with Connect Trade Union  provide the following services to Connect Trade Union Members;

Comprehensive Legal Aid Scheme

The types of claims that the Legal Aid Scheme covers are;

  • Personal Injury at Work *
  • Industrial Accident/Illness *
  • Road Traffic Accident *
  • Employment Matters * ( Resulting in personal Injury)

Comprehensive Legal Advice Service

A consultation in respect to obtaining Legal Advice can be provided to Connect members free of charge in relation to many legal issues such as;

  • Employment Matters
  • Buying or selling a property/house
  • Probate/Administration of Estates
  • Family Law
  • Legal advice on any matter

Should your legal matter not qualify for the Legal Aid Scheme, members have the option of pursuing their claim with our experienced firm as private clients.

Exclusive to CONNECT Trade Union members and their families

(The term ‘family’ to include spouse, partner, sons or daughters)

All matters discussed will remain CONFIDENTIAL between the union member and solicitor.

Contact your Connect Trade Union Representative for further information.