Bruce St. John Blake & Co. Solicitors - for expert advice


The TEEU "TECHNICAL ENGINEERING AND ELECTRICAL UNION" in association with Bruce St. John Blake and Co., Solicitors provide a comprehensive legal aid scheme and comprehensive legal advice exclusive to members of the Union and their families (the term 'family' to include spouses, partners, sons and daughters).

  Comprehensive Legal Aid    

  1. Industrial accidents*
  2. Accidents*
  3. Industrial injuries*
  4. Road traffic accidents*
  5. Making a Will

*In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as per percentage or portion of any award or settlement.

  Comprehensive Legal Advice

  1. Social Welfare Advice
  2. Buying/selling a house
  3. Legal Advice on any matter

Payment for any Legal Services arising out of instructions given, following Comprehensive Legal Advice, which will be a matter of arrangement directly between the person seeking such services and Bruce St. John Blake & Co.